Panic room

What is a Panic Room ?

“Panic room: a place where you will be safe, will survive or can withdraw to”

  • reinforced room installed within a building
  • refuge for the inhabitants of a house if threatening intruders break in
  • security guaranteed for the time required for any intervention
  • armoured room, covered in bulletproof steel at every point
  • in normal circumstances, an open room allowing you quick access in an emergency
  • the heart of the house’s electronic security system is located in it

Why opt for a Panic room made of Bunkerkit elements?

  • Box in the box: room with six secure sides, which may or may not be attached to the building
  • Easy installation: simple panel assembly, no work, no dust
  • ‘Light’ reinforced product: easy to place on an upper floor, without underpinning
  • Room can be dismantled, moved, adjusted and reassembled
  • Integration into any type of interior thanks to personalised decoration solutions
  • Product providing certified and guaranteed resistance: European ballistic protection (EN 1522-1523) and burglary resistance (EN 1627-1630) standards.

The centrepiece of your security system!

The heart of the house’s electronic security system is located in it:

  • alarm activation facility, internal and external siren in the event of any act of aggression
  • standalone communication facility with outside
  • direct contact with a control room (which immediately dispatches law enforcement agents)
  • video monitoring of the whole house

Who could benefit from a panic room?

The Bunkerkit can be used as a safety room or panic room for high-profile persons faced with threats to their physical safety and that of their close family:

– politicians

– businessmen

– bankers

– celebrities

– wealthy individuals

The Bunkerkit’s role as a panic room in the professional sector

In the event of an attack, the company’s staff can take refuge in a bulletproof shelter located at the back of the building or also in the homes of certain employees to protect them from “tiger kidnapping”.

What is a tiger kidnapping?

According to the federal police definition, a tiger kidnapping is the taking of a hostage, i.e. the holding, carrying off or detention of one or several persons in order to force an employee, next-of-kin or other to appropriate a significant some of money or other form of ransom from an institution or company. The author of the crime, just like a tiger, chooses his victim carefully, observes him/her for some time and then strikes.

Panic + Safe Room

The panic room may have a “safe room” section, which will be used as a safe to protect the valuables in the house. The safe room section will preferably have a hidden access from the panic room. This is to ensure that the panic room is a type of security foyer and that staff in the house are unaware that the safe room exists.

We are able to provide a panic room custom designed for your house, company or business.

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